Sam LI.


To Die For (Gus Van Sant, 1995)

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Here are some phone pics of my sleeping arrangement for the past few days (living outdoors is the best)

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Francoise Hardy et Fender Strat


I am so angry at myself for needing someone who doesn’t need me

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The Sleeping Goddess in The Lost Gardens of Heligan in England.

Anonymous said: I've tried but it stopped working.

Then go seek professional help! I am not a professional so I don’t think I can help you any further :( I really think talking with someone who knows how to deal with depression could help you out a lot!

Anonymous said: I feel as if I've been swallowed hole by depression.

That is not good. :( I’m sorry. I would go talk to someone professional or if you’re not ready for that yet go out and try and enjoy the sun talk with your friends ride your bike swim in the ocean, being outside makes me feel better. You can feel better I promise!!!!

Anonymous said: Did u model for Aeropostale???

Yesssss lol