Anonymous asked: Ooh creative director?? You seem to have a good eye for things, maybe advertising? And the two jobs this week, will you post photos form them if you can? It's always nice to see your progress!

Thanks! Yeah well see. Ill post photos sureee

Anonymous asked: hello!! I hope modeling is going very well for you! But hypothetically if it didn't want to do modeling, what do you think you'd being doing/what would you want to be doing in the distant future?

Hey thanks it is!! I have 2 jobs in the next 2 weeks :-) I don’t want to do modeling as a main career, it’s just something I want to be doing right now. In the future I’m not really sure what id like to do. I’ve always wanted to be like a first grade teacher so maybe that. Or something in fashion (lame) liiiike a creative director or something iddddkkkkk


Sandy Kim

Charlotte Kemp Muhl saves a deer that got hit by a car.

Anonymous asked: That cow joke was really clever i liked it a lot

Thank u!!! I came up with it by myself and everyone I tell it to says it’s not funny!!!!!! :/

Anonymous asked: I'm sure youre more than your looks. Didnt mean to suck so bad


Anonymous asked: well at least you're beautiful.

This sucks so much.

gringatears asked: i really don't understand why people are always giving you bitter ass questions to deal with. tbh it's probably the same shit stain that has nothing better to do. i admire how honest and forward you are. you are such a gem irie.

You are amazing and I luv u thank u sweet angel


Ryan McGinley

Anonymous asked: Why do you respond to negative questions on here? Then again, why does anyone?

I don’t even know. I just respond to everything I guess. Pretty dumb of me

Anonymous asked: Just because Irie does things that she likes doesn't mean she's trying hard to be an individual. I don't understand why you're taking the time out of your day to be rude to her anyways

Taaaaaank u